Monday 12 April 2021

From Macau through China, India and Burma: Hong Kong Portuguse in the Chindits. By Anne Ozorio

A few y years ago, Anne Ozorio,who died last August, gave me a typwscript copy of an article she had written on the experiences, after the 1941 Japanese invasion and occupation of Hong Kong, of some of the Portuguese/Macanese (many of whom had fought against the Japanese as members of the Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps) or were seeking other ways to resist the invadqrs, Until recently, I had thought that the article was unpubldhed. However I now find that it appeared in 2005 in the journal of The British Historical Society of Portugal.

Here is a link to the published article  

NB There are a couple of errorso in the published version that do not appear in the typescript:

Page 120 'sit will shuld read 'sit well'

Page 124 'saw advantage' should read 'saw no advantage'

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