Saturday, 27 June 2009

Glyndebourne Purcell part 1 bawdy bard

Here is a short post with links about the Glyndebourne production of Purcell's The Fairy Queen. FULL REVIEW HERE. Or click on the label at right for Glyndebourne or Purcell.

I'm still too exhausted after last week to do the production justice, but please look again at this blog tonight or tomorrow and I'll make it worth the wait. OTOH look who was singing : Andrew Foster Williams, who sang Zebul so well in Jephtha the previous night. Again, he turns a small role (Hymen, the Goddess of marriage) into something memorable. So I will write more later.

First, a DOWNLOAD from Glyndebourne where Edward Seckerson talks to the director Jonathan Kent and to the designer Paul Brown. Music clips, too. This is fairly long and detailed but all the better for it. "English music is bawdy" So spend a bit of time on this excellent podcast.

For my complete review please (with production pix) see HERE
or click on Glyndebourne or Purcell on the label list at right
Then reviews by Melanie Eskenazi, Edward Seckerson and Tim Ashley.

Click on the surnames to read what they've written.
And also read about the version at the Proms 2009 HERE

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