Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Il Turco Rossini in Londra ROH

Il Turco in Italia in Londra!  Rossini cooks up a fine stew at the Royal Opera House, London. "You got to go" said a friend last month. "Just the thing we need in gloomy times". But like a fool I demurred. Then cheerful reviews like this one in Opera Today come up.

"I Love Lucy with a fully functioning queen size bed, instead of those two maddening twins, if you will. (Where was Little Ricky conceived in that chaste boudoir)"........Principals arrive for the meeting on the beach on all mode of transport, snazzy sedan, cheap compact, and the tenor-topped Vespa; and Selim’s subsequent making out with Zaida in the back seat was a goof that resonated with 60’s park-and-snog atmosphere.....Narciso’s yellow Elvis-meets-the Pillsbury-Dough-boy pop-rocker jumpsuit was giddily prankish."

But more depth in  this than meets the eye, as so often with Rossini (see the brilliant La cambiale di matrimonio at the Guildhall last year).  Incidentally the directors, Patrice Caurier and Moshe Leiser, and designers, were also behind Ambroise Thomas' Hamlet which was modern but didn't make the Met sky fall in.

Of course when I went to book, it turned out it was first day of public bookings, so it took ages and I ended up with a few extras, but I'll try to get to Il Turco later in the week.

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