Sunday, 19 December 2010

Päivä vain ja hetki kerrallansa

Soile Isokoski sings the famous Finnish hymn Päivä vain ja hetki kerrallansa (A moment in Time). This isn't a Christmas song but rather a general hymn of peace, God protecting with love.But it's beautiful. It comes from Isokoski's second CD of Finnish hymns. If anything the first CD (2004) is even better, because the songs on that are written by major composers like Merikanto, Madetoja, Kuusisto etc, rather than hymns as such. Last year I did a series on Ernst Busch's ironic Xmas songs.You can always track down lots of Busch on this site, like the wonderful For Jesus, Revolutionary and German Xmas 1918. But this year I feel like doing Scandinavian song. Tomorrow: Jorma Hynninen.  There's also a full download of a great Finnish movie from 1921,  Anna-Liisa, which is powerfully progressive. Not Jenufa but a much more genuinely feminist lady altogether. Yet it's lovingly filmed, smoke sauna, simple farmhouse, lake etc. all authentic period shots. Enjoy!


jade said...

First a Cantonese Chinese film, now a Finnish one (is it supposed to be a silent film?). I thought I was the only nutty person interested in both cultures. ^^

I also had fun reading Sami Yoik website through the link you provided.

Inspired by your post, I am gonna make my Sunday night a Finnish one --listening to Aulis Salline's Barabbas Dialogues, and Jaakko Mantyjarvi's Salvat 1701.

Doundou Tchil said...

You are welcome anytime ! Lots about Chinese culture on this site and also multi cultural things. Please explore ! I love Sallinen too.