Sunday, 6 September 2009

John Berry on ENO's 2009/10 season

John Berry, Artistic Director of the ENO, talks about the new season starting soon. Read Simon Thomas's interview with him HERE The interview pulls no punches, because there have been some seriously odd productions at the ENO in recent years. Like the Zandra Rhodes Aida which is described here as "as flimsy as the silk elephant that flapped its way through the triumphant march". But the ENO always was innovative, so it can be excused a few ventures that don't quite work. So Berry "now has a string of superlative productions behind him and enters his new season next month clutching armfuls of trophies (the company has won every major award going this year). It’s all come in the wake of a period of audacious risk-taking and the forging of new initiatives which have taken ENO into hitherto uncharted territory." Do read the article, it's good.

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