Wednesday, 16 December 2009

500,000 Xmas Lights, one house

I always secretly wanted a Dancin' Elvis Nativity Scene and reindeer pouring over my roof but never had the time, money - or sheer guts! Watch this full screen - a house with 500.000 Xmas lights in all shapes and forms. Inside there's a Santa praying to Baby Jesus in a crib! Bears wearing clothes riding horses ! Mickey Mouse playing a guitar ! I lovce the wild imagination that went ointo this. Probably lights up the whole neighbourhood. When he switches on the whole town browns out. Imagine his carbon footprint! But it's a wonder to behold, especially in this recession. This year there are almost no displays around, not even small ones in windows. Last year they were all over. So I guess we should appreciate this guy while we can. There used to be a website which featured the most extreme displays, but it's disappeared. I love the homeliness of the presentation too - this is genuine folk art! Good honest kitsch elevated to an art form, not "high art" dumbed down to kitsch.

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david said...

the Xmas nightmare, before, during and after