Thursday, 31 December 2009

Seriously OTT fireworks in Hong Kong

New Year's Eve in Hong Kong is spectacular - all those tall buildings and that dramatic harbour. Here are some of the fireworks a few hours ago - not on ITN news in UK yet. WATCH FULL SCREEN. Each year IFC1 tower is the epicentre, the rest of the city doing displays that extend the IFC one. Meanwhile the ships in the harbour let off their horns and bands play music all over the city. This is Fireworks Art on a grand scale! Below is another brand new clip, very well shot, of the rest of the fireworks display. Clip lasts ten minutes and REALLY goes wild towards the end. The crowd (about a million people on the streets and a few million at windows throughout the city and live on TV) go bananas. Fireworks are banned in HK because they're too dangerous in that population density and those crowded buildings, so once a year the whole city throws a massive communal celebration, even the boats in the harbour join in. Definitely watch full screen !


Dennis said...

I think you mean IFC2? That's the tallest building we saw: IFC1 is a shorter companion next to the colossal second tower.

I've given it a miss as usual. Watching it real in harbour front is disastrous. It's crowded!

Doundou Tchil said...

Hi Dennis ! I get lost inside IFC1 and 2 and that is just the downstairs. It is so big. Let's do something about the HK Arts Festival ! Looks good this year.