Monday, 28 December 2009

Transfigured Night - city version

Once I drove into Dallas just as a freak of sunlight hit the city's gleaming glass canyons, each pane reflecting another, multiplying the beams of light from many angles. Dallas is totally dwarfed by Hong Kong, which is urban theatre on a grand scale.

All year round, the Hong Kong skyline is a giant installation of light and movement but in December it goes into extreme overdrive. The vertical planes of the buildings (some of the tallest in the world) become canvases of light and colour, circuses of electric excess. This clip is fairly tame - you should see the shopping malls - and shows only one promenade on the quieter, more discreet side of the harbour, but it's close up and the comments are cute. (a woman mimics the word "merry" to her kid, it's a play on cow sounds)

Coming up : preview of what's on in January - can hardly wait !

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