Sunday, 26 May 2013

Parsifal Bayreuth 2012 full streaming

Wagner Parsifal from Bayreuth 2012: full stream download  HERE. This is the Stefan Herheim production with Burkhard Fritz, Kwangchul Youn, Susan Maclean. This is the one that avoids the pretentious pseudo-religious mumbo-jumbo. Since when did Klingsor and Kundry exist in the New Testament? Or Amfortas and Titurel and the whole Grail Knights community, for that matter. Anyone who seriously thinks Parsifal is theologically sound is nuts. Instead, here we can reflect on who the characters might be and how they relate to each other. And indeed, how Parsifal connects to the social and political forces that shaped Wagner's time. Fake piety we can get any time. But those who seriously care about Wagner and his times will get something from this one. It's psychological, and spiritual, on a thoughtful level.

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Dodorock said...

Itz generus 'sink of nutz from ze bakerie n mak we eat consistent. I like operas, ven that big.