Thursday, 5 April 2012

Quasthoff speaks in Der Spiegel

Interesting interview with Thomas Quasthoff in Der Spiegel HERE. It's good because the questions are honest and not hagiographic.TQ's replies are revealing.

"SPIEGEL: You yourself have a big mouth, if I may say so.
Quasthoff: That, of course, was always my weapon. I've become quieter now. It's possible to put things very clearly, concisely and sharply, even when you do it quietly."

TQ's also candid about why he doesn't have "fans in the thalidomide community". At least he refused to sing for the company that made the drug. OTOH most people with thalidomide-related problems are not well off as he is, and I don't think they are envious of him. Lots of them are remarkable successes too, in their own way. And as they grow older, they're developing a whole new set of age-related problems like arthritis, and the compensation they received as children has long run out. For them, it's not a closed issue and they could use more public support.

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