Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Wigmore Hall - Grime capital of the World

Wigmore Hall's secret other identity? The following exchange is real and came off a TV quiz (imagine that anywhere else but the BBC)

Question : What is the Wigmore Hall famous for? a) classical music, b) folk music or c) grime?

Answer :  Perfectly logical and rationally deduced:
"It can't be classical music, that's the Albert Hall. It can't be folk because they don't do it in town. So the Wigmore Hall must be famous for Grime".

Next question for those of us who don't know (I didn't):  Grime is a kind of edgy street music

1 comment:

laybl said...

"grime" is a particle of Wigmore.
Grime does not pay nor should it be played...file it under "justifiably obscure".