Thursday, 6 February 2014

A Dog's Heart - Lyons

"If satire is your thing you will not want to miss this opera about human testicles grafted onto a dog."

writes  Michael Milenski in Opera Today about Coeur d'un Chien, or A Dog's Heart in Lyon.

"Raskatov made vulgar music (snorts and farts) and he made music vulgar incorporating liturgical hymns and famous old folk songs into the musical flow of his sensational text (the last line of the first act, shouted by the dog transformed into Communism's “new man” is “get fucked!” in the libretto, and “lick my dick” in the supertitles). The composer recognizes that contemporary ears are accustomed to an infinity of musical and random sounds thus he has no compunction in raiding Monteverdi’s recitative, using extreme voices (shrieking higher-than-you-can-imagine sopranos) or making hoarse, coarse sounds through megaphones (the opera ends with sixteen players shouting vowels through megaphones into the faces of the audience. Underlying all this is Raskatov’s basic musical language heard from time to time which seemed to be more or less Webernesquely minimal."

HERE is what I wrote when A Dog's Heart ran at the ENO London in 2010

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