Sunday, 8 June 2014

CRINGE worst orchestra EVER

Ear wincingly awful ! Brought tears to my eyes ! Strauss Also sprach Zarathustra . But someone's stuffed things into the brass, who emit horrendous wails.  OTOH, the kids were trying, and the parenst must have been rolling with agony (and laughter). This is what you call, "learning by mistakes". Click HERE to hear the world's worst Strauss performance ever !!!


George Hooper said...

For a little context, have a read of this Sunday Times article

Andrew said...

Oh Come On!, you can't be THAT unworldly!
The Portsmouth Sinfonia did not consist of kids - it was a group of students assembled by Gavin Bryars (you have heard of him, I trust), a teacher there at the time. They were all in fact competent musicians, but not on the instruments they were playing! I'm old enough to remember them when they first appeared: the joke wore thin after a time.
Andrew Smith

Doundou Tchil said...

If you're really ancient, can you remember the Grand Grand Overture with the Reading Concert Orchestra, with mass vacuum cleaners. Early Nimbus recorded it to test audiophile quality. Very much in the spirit of Jesus Blood Never Fails

Andrew said...

I don't know of the Reading version, and although not old enough to have been at the 1956 RFH performance, as a kid I was conducted by MA in the sixties: before anybody puts two and two together, I'm not the timpanist, he's my much more famous namesake.