Tuesday, 27 March 2018

BBC Proms website malfunction

A few weeks to go before the Proms are announced, but high time someone should look at the website.  There's a bug in the system, blocking access to the Proms Performance Archive for Composers. It keeps defaulting to 2017.  (There is a devious way - if you get to "performers" try clicking on "Composers" and wait. Evntuallyit does sometimes go there, but inconvenient).  Please fix !  The philosophy these days seems to favour performance measures by the Proms management, over and above performance as musical experience.  Thus the obsession with first time visitors, and visitors who wouldn't normally go to classical music. That's a political agenda, not an artistic agenda. The BBC's own research shows that first timers don't always get hooked as often as presumed, even if they're polite and say they might. People come to classical music when they're ready, and by many different routes, so the whole philosophy of First Timers Above All Else is fundamentally flawed.  It's sloppy to place all hopes on one doubtful strategy, while sacrificing the core audience, and the Product itself .  It might take ages for common sense to trickle down.  Yes, it's nice to know the (non-existent) dress code, but for many of us, especially regulars, it's important to access the archive. 

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