Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Anna Caterina Antonacci

Last night before Die tote Stadt, a friend raved Anna Caterina Antonacci's performance at the Wigmore Hall on Tuesday. The good news is that she's repeating the concert on Thursday, 29th at the Wigmore Hall. There are so many good singers around that it's really something special when a singer stands out to this extent. What does it prove when people get blasé and cynical ? Why shouldn't praise be given when it's due ? When someone is good, they deserve appreciation. The bad news is that the second concert is selling fast. So listen for yourself if you can. This is the programme - the Monteverdi is particularly worth hearing :

Castello Sonata No. 16 a 4 stromenti
Marini Sonata a 4 Passacaglio Op. 22
Strozzi ‘Lacrime mie’
Carlo Farina Capriccio stravagante
Castello Sonata No. 15
Monteverdi Il Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda

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