Thursday, 22 January 2009

Oh 4 Tuna ! Carmina Burana

Rush on over to Operachic's great blog on Carmina Burana - link at the list at the right. What a joy to read ! "Carmina Burana, ..... is in fact a purely primitive work. The Medieval origin of the text is just a red herring, its spirit dates from much earlier -- CB's brutality, their unrepentant acknowledgment of God's absence from human affairs, their gleeful endorsement of everything orgiastic make Carmina Burana a splendidly anti-modern, primitive work. " and best of all "Orff is saying that savagery is deeply human. That violence is not an aberration perpetrated by the sociopathic, but it's an integral part of human nature" Read the comments too. Way to go, Operachic, this is incisive and original. And then enjoy then clip below which deflates any self righteousnness either way.

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