Friday, 16 January 2009

Stephen Hough's blog

Stephen Hough has started a blog on the Telegraph :

It's worth reading - he has a good mind and of course he can play piano, too. The print press doesn't know how to handle blogs. Readership is going online so naturally the dominance of print is declining. How to deal with this ? One way is to copy the idiotic "messageboard"style on online editions. Not long ago one of the big papers ran a poll on whether the Serbian secret service killed Jill Dando (a TV star). No evidence needed, anyone can vote. Once upon a time there were things like forensics, detective work and the judicial system. No more! And the paper wonders why its readership is rubbish?

Stephen Hough shows that smarting up may be the answer. Fundamentally there's no difference between a regular column and a blog. Online does not have to mean dumbed down ! Stephen Hough will be performing several times at the Proms 2009 so please follow further posts on him on this blog - click on "proms 2009" or "Stephen Hough" on the list oflabels on the right. Each year I listen to nearly every Prom and have been writing them up for years. Last year on this blog I covered 45 ! So please bookmark thgis blog, subscribe and keep coming back. Not too much dumbed down here, either.

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