Thursday, 1 January 2009

Zum neuen Jahre !

Mit herzlichen Gluckwünschen ! Here is a poem by Eduard Mörike :

Wie heimlicher Weise
ein Engelein leise
mit rosigen Füßen
die Erde betritt,
so nahte der Morgen.
Jauchzt ihm, ihr Frommen,
ein heilig Willkommen!
ein heilig Willkommen!
Herz, jauchze du mit!

Mörike 's poem was set by Hugo Wolf. It starts with sounds like droplets of ice, melting, or perhaps the twinkling of snowflakes. The descending patterns of triplets evoke the cherub descending from heaven to earth. The cherub's little feet are bare - he doesn't feel the cold, he's an angel ! He's bringing greetings from Heaven to Earth. I couldn't find a picture of cherubic trotters but did find a triplet of trotters. To 19th century people, they signified hope. Hams, bacon and sausages to come, they won't starve in the coming year.

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