Thursday, 27 May 2010

Entartete-Technik Kugelhaus

This is the Kugelhaus, a circular building made of steel and glass, built in Dresden in 1928. Architect Peter Birkenholz (d 1961) Click on the pic to enlarge for detail.  Plans were laid to build a row of them, like a galaxy of planets in orbit. That was the spirit of the age. Very "futurist". Needless to say anything so interesting was denounced by the Nazis as "degenerate". Prince Charles would have loved the way they got rid of modern architecture!  It was pulled down in 1938. The "Arc" aka the Ove Arup building that looms over the A4 is a distant descendant. There's a glass dome in modern Dresden, too, built as a memorial to the Kugelhaus, but it's not quite the same. Read more HERE

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