Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Reynaldo Hahn Le marchand de Venise - download

Reynaldo Hahn's songs are luscious,. They seem to exist in a perfumed world beyond reality. But here is a full streaming download of his last opera,  Le marchand de Venisewritten in 1935. Full details, synopsis and libretto included.

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Ebubu said...

Le Marchand de Venise is an underrated jewel of a piece, but beware, this is a VERY heavily cut version (albeit the only existing one, indeed). Just a warning for those who would not be lucky enough to have the vocal score on hand, thus being able to compare.
This version is a disfigurement of the original opera, but still, waiting for a record company to offer us a decent alternative (complete, better sung, and with a good sound).