Wednesday 2 July 2014

Luiza Borac recalls meeting Alice Herz-Sommer - the Lady in Number 6

Luiza Borac, the pianist, met Alice Herz-Sommer the pianist some years ago, when Alice was "only" 106. Read more about their meeting here on Evan's blog, Comments on Culture. (Read the whole piece there) (photo courtesy Luiza Borac)

"....... we talked for a while, Alice was pointing very often to the big painting on the wall of her son, Raphael, whom she loved and missed so much. The whole meeting was floating among words, glances, smiles and laughters light and wonderful like a dance of essences. I was a pianist who came to meet a pianist, still none of the words we exchanged referred directly to piano playing. Alice told me about her busy schedule. With her 106 years old she was attending the University classes every day. On Monday we have Literature, Tuesday History Wednesday Art and so on. Her eyes were sparkling with joy and enthusiasm, she was loving to learn, 'there is still so much to learn' she said. Alice is a fragile appearance but what a strength and wonder in her. So small in her height, she seemed to me like a huge fairy who was flying high above and I was one of her reign creatures trying to comprehend her greatness, beauty and love. As I left her warm presence I knew that I just had the greatest lesson on piano-playing, on music, on life." 

Enjoy the video 

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