Monday, 2 January 2017

New Year Gala Teatro la Fenice livestream

New Year Gala 2017 at Teatro La Fenice in Venice, gloriously glamorous !  Highlights of grand Italian opera - Donizetti, Verdi, Rossini and more with Fabio Luisi conducting the Orchestra and Chorus of the Teatro La Fenice, and soloists Rosa Féola and John Osborn   Opera is what these musicians do all the time, year round,  so when they party, they do so with spectacular flair.   Even the details are perfect - watch how the chorus moves in perfect synch : they're clearly not an ordinary choir, they're used to moving together on stage. And rarely will you see choir members so immaculately turned out - each one has been dressed and styled at some time by professionals.  Luisi is clearly in his element surrounded by musicians who think and feel as he does.  A performance to enjoy on repeat, it's that good. Watch HERE on arte.,tv. Also enjoy the short video. For my review HERE of the New Year's Eve Sylvester konzerte in Dresden with the Staatskappele Dresden and Christian Theielmann .

New Year Galas at La Fenice are a grand tradition, and have been broadcast for many years, but access in the past has been relatively restricted, so it's good that this one reaches a bigger audience.  Does the future of classical music lie in musician-generated broadcast?  Digital technology could change the economics of the business, making it less dependent on third parties like record companies, cinema networks etc. Once, only the wealthiest companies, like the Met and the Berliner Philharmoniker, could take the risk,but re-thinking the model could make it feasible for others to reach a a much larger potential market.  The LSO and LPO are streaming some concerts, as are several other orchestras and venues in Europe.  One of the ironies of the internet is that it doesn't bring the world closer because it's dominated by the English language, and thus over-emphasizes English language perspectives. Wiki for example, is skewed towards a very narrow range of sources.  Will audiences benefit from greater access to the world? Or will choice scare some back to caves of comfort  Think of the stock market terms "Bulls" and "Bears". 

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