Thursday, 30 January 2014

Classic ENO Peter Grimes Britten

The ENO Benjamin Britten Peter Grimes is outstanding. The cast, headed by Stuart Skelton, is superlative, and the production, created by David Alden, is extremely perceptive. This Peter Grimes is one of the ENO's greatest triumphs. Deservedly, it has been chosen as the ENO's first live HD cinema broadcast on 23rd February.(details here) Live broadcasts are costly, and not necessarily cost effective for a small house like the ENO, but this is so good that it needs to be preserved on film. Do not miss it under any circumstances. This Peter Grimes is a classic. The booing mob may think it's clever to knock the ENO but this Peter Grimes totally vindicates the house and its vision.The booing mob might think it's clever to sneer, but we need the ENO and its courage.

Last night my car was hit by a bus. Luckily I didn't get hurt but is a total write-off but lbecause the other driver didn't stop it's f'd up my insurance.  I missed the show, alas! But I wrote extensively about it in May 2009. Please read my analysis of the intelligent stagecraft HERE and HERE. Claire Seymour will be reviewing the revival as she did in 2009. Read her review of the semi-staged performance at the BBC Proms in 2012. HERE in Opera Today. 

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