Saturday, 5 April 2014

Kristine Opolais - exclusive interview !

An exclusive interview with Kristine Opolais in Latinos Post by David Salazar : very well written, very personal and interesting hints for the future. Read it in full HERE.

On singing Cio Cio San whichs she sang at the MET on Friday, replacing Patricia Racette
"The story for me is about the baby," she explained. "Every normal woman that is a mother will do everything for your baby to make sure he is happy. Every mother understands that the baby is only happy being with his or her mother. Every single time I play it is so terrible. I am fighting with myself not to cry because I am very emotional...."She lost all of her hope and love, but for her the most important loss is her child. She cannot live without the child, that is why she is killing herself."

When Opolais sang Cio Cio San at her Royal Opera House role debut, my friends and I were overwhelmed - we didn't know that she was nearly 5 months pregnant at the time (my review is here) . "Now it is hard from the very beginning. The entire first act brings me to tears because I know where it is headed. The mNow ieeting with Pinkerton is a tragedy. I don't see the illusion of love anymore," she revealed. "Yesterday I sent my manager a message saying, 'Not too much Butterfly in my future.' He was shocked and said, 'You're a spinto soprano. What are you going to sing?' I told him that it was just too hard Especially for me who gives 100 percent in rehearsal and 200 percent in every performance. I have to fight with myself not to cry while I am onstage." 

Plus, lots more on role interpretation. Pure vocalism is never enough!

Please also read my interview with Ermonela Jaho, a Royal Opera House favorite. Both of them specialize in similar roles, but Jaho sings more frequently in France and Italy. Like Opolais, she  believes in emotional engagement with what she sings and brings out the intense tragedy that lies behind the surface prettiness in the characters.

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