Saturday, 4 April 2015

Herzliche Ostergrüße 1915

An alternative to the deluge of commercial tat and chocolate bunnies at Easter, the most important feast in the entire Christian calender, a look at what people living in 1915 might have felt.  Of course they loved fun and kitsch, but that's not all there is to life. In 1915, a larger portion of the population were seriously devout, so Easter meant a lot more to them than it does now.  When family members were far away, possibly facing death at any moment, people were inclined to contemplate the wider context.

Above, whimsy, hares bringing goodies to soldiers at the front. At right, a reminder that 1914-18 was a world war, a struggle for international dominance., Germans, Austrians and Turks, together. Control over the oilfields of the Middle East, paramount geopolitics even now. .Are we still fighting the same war?  Click on photos to enlarge for detail

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