Friday, 1 July 2016

The Battle of the Somme - was it in vain ?

The Battle of the Somme began one hundred years ago today. An offensive that destroyed more than a million men, not counting other lives blighted by their loss., sacrificed for six miles of ruined farmland.  And what have we learned ?  The French and Germans took heed. The European Union is an unprecedented symbol that there could be alternatives to war.  Of course it's not perfect. But consider what might happen if it is torn apart ?  Extremists, whether ISIS or Neo Nazi have plenty to look forward to if the EU collapses.  So much for "taking control". By whom, how and for what purpose ? Hstory will repeat, lest we forget.

Read THIS TOO   !Nationalism is once again stalking Europe, there is no shortage of potential flashpoints, and the safety net is fraying"

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