Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Recherché Baroque wins best opera poll

What's the most interesting opera broadcast of the year? French channel Mezzo tv has taken votes and is re-screening the winners.  The winners are:

Handel Alessandro (25.6%) (Orcestra Armonia Atenea, Max Emmanuel Cencic, George Petrou)

Vinci Atarserse (22.9%) (Concerto Koln. Jaroussky, Cencic, Diego Fasoles)

Offenbach Contes de Hoffmann (9.7%) (Liceu. Stéphane Denve, Laurent Pelly) 

Baroque, and recherché baroque at that! Countertenor bliss! Polls like this don't mean a lot as anyone can vote and the electorate is self selecting, but the results reflect Mezzo's French market.
Watch at the times given here - this isn't a channel that repeats or does VOD.

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