Friday, 15 August 2008

Bayreuth and Glyndebourne

No, I'm not comparing the uncomparable. Just pointing to interesting things ! Mark has been to Bayreuth. Hated Meistersinger and LOVED Parsifal. Note carefully, different director and one of them is not a Wagner ! Read his reviews on boulezian on the bloglist at right. . This is a guy who really knows his Wagner. Google "treacherous bonds" and see why!

Simon has been to Glyndebourne for Peter Eötvös's new opera Love and Other Demons. Despite my fondness for new music, I've never yet "got" him, either as composer or conductor, so I was particularly keen to read someone who doesn't have an axe to grind. It's wondeful that Glyndeboune should do such things. Their core audience is pretty savvy, and helped raise the money for the venture. Some rich bankers have brains, you don't get that rich by being dumb. Though many Sun readers are wealthier than I'll ever be. So there's also a link below to a piece in the Financial Times which gives the background. This is an article that's made me think a lot.You might need to register to read the FT article but it's free and worth the effort.

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