Sunday, 3 August 2008

FIRST !!!! Prom 20 Stockhausen

The FIRST review written and probably the most definitive there's going to be ! Mark Berry :

Blogs (like anything else) are only as good as the people who do them : Boulezian shows there IS potential for seriously well informed, analytical, intelligent music writing on the net. These days, Culture seems to be replaced by quickfix Kulcha! for those with the mental level of a gnat. Sorry, gnats. But Boulezian is the real thing. This was an incredible Prom ! When news of "Stockhausen Day" leaked on the net on 1st April, I thought it was a joke. This was an uncompromising Prom, no concessions to down market. The BBC was rewarded by a pretty good turnout, but that's not the point : Stockhausen is such a visionary we probably won't appreciate him fully in our time. As Aimard said recently to a heckler : "Why should Stockhausen have to be popular?"Popularity means little : quality is everything.

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