Monday, 4 February 2013

Drake lands Calleja - Temple Song

Joseph Calleja comes to Julius Drake's Temple Song series on May 20th.  Middle Temple Hall is an historic site. The word "Temple" refers to the Knights Templar in the 12th century. Real medieval wood panelling inside, and relics of Sir Francis Drake, whose connection to Julius Drake I don't know. Recitals here are interesting becuase the hall is so small, and the audience sometimes seems drawn entirely from the legal profession.  Nice atmosphere, good for intimate recitals. Good singers, too and Julius Drake as pianist. This season features Véronique Gens, Robert Holl, Brigid Steinberger, James Gilchrist, Sarah Connolly and Roderick Williams,.

Calleja, however, is a different proposition.  He'll fill the house with his voice and with his legions of devotees. The occasion is Giuseppe Verdi's birthday, but I imagine that no one will be too bothered what he sings as long as he sings. There aren't too many opportunities to get this close to him in performance. Middle Temple Hall regulars could well be beseiged by lots of new faces.


rugged breed said...

Joseph Calleja is a one true artist, his passion is incredible and his voice is very angelic, Zero Dramas

Unknown said...

I have happy memories of seeing the inside of this hall on a guided walking tour that took us through the area of the Inns of Court. It was in this hall that Shakespeare's Twelfth Night had its first performance, also for an audience composed largely of members of the legal profession, as I understand it. It would indeed be a lovely place to hear a song recital. I wish I lived close enough to consider it.