Tuesday, 9 December 2008

The glorious Angelika Kirchschlager

Tonight the divine Angelika Kirchschlager sings Hänsel in the ROH Hänsel und Gretel ! It's a role that could be made for her. She has a personality as vivacious as her voice. Over the years, it's been lovely to watch her develop from an ingenue to a major star, yet what's always come over in interviews (and her singing) is her naturalness and sincerity. Life hasn't been a fairy tale for her, to use the cliché. But fairy tales in reality are pretty grimm. So maybe like their heroines she's grown from the experience. Certainly Kirchschlager is lovable and such a pure, luscious voice ! Her Mélisande last year was deeply thoughtful. Clad in scarlet, she brought out the erotic danger in the part few dare express quite so clearly these days. Pity about the rest of the staging, which didn't develop the concept. Maybe another production ! Here is a link to what she said last week with Simon Thomas :


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