Monday, 19 November 2012

New Dots SOLD OUT at the Forge, Camden

New Dots has SOLD OUT! News has spread by word of mouth. This a concert you won't get into unless you're in on the loop. Try anyway, because it's the launch of what promises to be a series featuring some of the more interesting composers and performers in London.

Lloyd Moore's Diabolus in musica was broadcast on BBC Radio 3. Andre de Ridder conducted the BBC Symphony Orchestra. Ivan Hewett presenting. It's an inventive piece, original and full of personality. Highly recommended. Read more HERE. At New Dots his Six Songs for soprano and piano will feature. Anna Patalong is singing, which in itself is a big plus as anyone who's heard her will know (Opera Holland Park, GSMD, etc). Elisabeth Rossiter accompanies. Lloyd Moore's music has been recorded by NMC Records, the pioneers in British new music. He also created a new performance re-orchestration of Unsuk Chin's Alice in Wonderland which premiered in Santa Fe, and is planned for the Welsh National Opera.

Edward Nesbit studies with George Benjamin. At Aldeburgh in 2010, his Dance Portraits appealed greatly. It starts with a slow pas de deux between double bass and bass flute proceeding in the space of a few minutes into four sections. Dance as strategic game, figure shadowing one another. At New Dots, we'll hear his A Pretence of Wit, also with Anna Patalong.

I haven't heard Gonçalo Gato live -yet - but listen to his Vectorial modular HERE. It feels "physical" in the way that Rebecca Saunders' music inhabits spatial as well as aural concepts. He's not in her league, but listen out for his Shapes for string quartet at New Dots.

Stephen Hicks's Two Inventions for String Quartet will be performed by the Ligeti Quartet  He's a trumpeter and was a theoretcial physicist at Imperial, which endears him to me already, though I don't lknow his music. But he's studied with Robert Keeley, John Deathridge and Arnold Whittall, who have taste. Also on the programme, William Dougherty, The Aureole Effect for string quartet and Helgi Ingvarsson, Become for viola (Richard Jones) and piano.  Read more about New Dots HERE.

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