Saturday, 10 May 2014

BBC Proms 2014 top 10 picks

Still under construction, the Royal Albert Hall when it was being built on what was then open parkland. No dome! No roads! Is that Door 6 or Door 12?

Under construction, too, my plans for the 2014 BBC Proms season. Tickets go on sale next week, so get organized beforehand. Part of the reason the queues are long is that everyone logs on at once, creating a traffic jam. Often, it's easier to log on later unless you want a sure-fire best seller like Dr Who (not being done this year). Another reason is that some people log on then spend ages figuring out what to go for. Speeds things up no end if you plan ahead. My summary of the season is HERE.

These are my top ten picks for this year, the "essentials" for me, though I listen to at least 40 a year. Bookmark my site! Lots on interesting things on, which are worth catching.

First Night- 18/7 Elgar The Kingdom, read more HERE and HERE

Prom 6 22/7 Der Rosenkavalier - I'm going to Glyndebourne next week.

Prom 9  24/7 for the Glagolitic Mass which should suit Gergiev (avoid his other Prom)

Prom 17 29/7 (late)  William Christie Les Arts Flo Rameau Motets

Prom 19 31/7 Strauss and Elgar

Prom 28 7/8 Francesconi and Stravinsky Oedipus Rex, Oramo

Prom 47 12/8 Britten War Requiem, Andris Nelsons

Prom  57 29/8 Mahler 2, Harding

Prom 59  31/8 August Strauss Elektra - Goerke and Bychkov - wow!

Prom 73  11/9 Leipzig Gewandhaus Chailly Mahler 3

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