Monday, 26 May 2014

Henry-Louis de La Grange - Happy 90th Birthday !

Happy Birthday to Henry-Louis de La Grange, who is 90 today. Professor de La Grange is the foremost Mahler scholar, whose work has done so much to increase our understanding of Mahler the composer and Mahler the man. These concepts go closely together. Quite frankly without Prof de La Grange and his library, the Médiathéque Musicale Mahler, we wouldn't know Mahler as we know him today. A bronze bust made by Anna Mahler adorns the entrance to the building. Within are priceless documents in strong rooms - original Mahler manuscripts and letters. The bust was presented to Prof de La Grange on the occasion of his 80th birthday. Legend has that it was carried home on the Métro!
For many of us Prof de La Grange is a mentor, an inspiration and a much cherished friend. So, Happy Birthday, dear Henry-Louis, and much love from me, and thousands more!

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