Tuesday, 2 September 2014

West Wycombe Festival 2014 - why you need to go

The West Wycombe Festival is a festival organized  by musicians, for musicians and those who like music making in a serious but informal setting. That's especially important when it comes to chamber music. Many of  the people involved, like Festival Director Lawrence Power, are connected to The Nash Ensemble and regulars at the Wigmore Hall.  West Wycombe might be small and understated but musically it packs  a punch.  Everyone knows everyone, which is part of the ambience. Concerts take place in St Lawrence's Church, which isn't quite an average village church. St Lawrence is the patron saint of prostitutres, and the church was endowed by Lord Dashwood,who ran the Hellfire Club where posh hellraisers romped with prostitutes dressed as nuns. You can spend the day before a concert visiting the Hellfire Caves, whose entrance is close to the church. Alternatively, the village itself has authentic medieval buildings. You can stay overnight in the George and Dragon pub which is haunted. Very atmospheric place, great choice of local beers.And it's only an hour from London !

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