Thursday, 25 September 2008

SPECTACULAR shots of London by Night

From the US I just received some of the most SPECTACULAR series of photos of London, taken from the air at night. Look below at the link We are so lucky, we take things for granted,but look at these photos in awe ! Pity winter is drawing in, and it's dark early. Those of us who commute only see the grime and dirt. This is a reminder !

In summer, it's like magic when sunset lasts til 10pm. On the South Bank, on the river, you can watch the sky gradually transform. The glass canyons of the city lit up as if ablaze, reflecting each other. You can still see the skyline Monet saw 150 years ago - Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, St Paul's. And sometimes the river tides are out, and the banks are exposed. If you scavenge you can still find artefacts of London long ago - clay pipes from the 18th century, shards of Victorian bottles etc. Yesterdays rubbish, but somehow romantic. Here's the link, it really is fantastic !

More on the Gherkin and London at a wonderful totally original site ! See links.

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