Thursday, 15 October 2009

Qi gong master

This is the famous Qi gong (chi kung) master Tung Ying Kit (Dong ying jie) (1898-1951) in a film made in 1947. Not how "long" his style is, how long he stretches his body, almost to the point of overbalancing, yet he's in such inner control that he keeps every muscle in control without violence. Qi gong is mind and spirit first, the body flows from that. It's like channelling invisible currents, which is why the hand movements seem to push and pull. The idea is to clean your soul from negative vibes. Tai ji isn't so different really from Li Bao the poet sitting in the mountains, communing with the moon. This is real purity, untainted by the need to control, dominate or think ill of others.

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