Thursday, 11 October 2012

Can Beethoven make life worth living?

THE MUSICAL BRAIN 2012 Conference :The Beethoven Question: Can Art Make Life Worth Living?

The Beethoven Question on 27th and 28th October is s a two-day exploration of Beethoven's life and music and the role the arts can play in overcoming life's adversities. How Beethoven's deafness affected his life and music - What new research into his string quartet writing reveals - Can music make life worth living in the face of adversity

Led by the broadcaster STEPHEN JOHNSON, the weekend features
distinguished speakers and musicians including: Classic FM's JOHN
SUCHET on Beethoven's Life and Deafness; PROF BARRY COOPER on the Piano Sonatas; behavioural neurologist PROF MICHEL TRIMBLE on '_Beethoven, Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know?'_; composers NIGEL OSBORNE and LLOYD COLEMAN; DR PAUL WHITTAKER founder of Music and the Deaf; PROF RICHARD STOKES on Beethoven: Father of the Lied, LINDSEY DRYDEN's 2012 documentary LOST AND SOUND, on a musician, a dancer and a music critic coping with hearing loss. Also included are three panel discussions: The Need to Compose, The Need to Perform and The Need to Listen and an open forum on Can Art Make Life Worth Living? Concerts, too !
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