Friday, 19 March 2010

Satan is Real

They don't make LP covers like that anymore ! These are the Louvin Brothers, Charles and Ira, who were big in real country music innthe 50's and 60's when it was still a cottage industry. They did their own material, managed themselves, designed their own LP covers. This one was made by burning a pile of tyres bought from a used car lot. This particular song iss a classic in its own way, in a quite different league from the usual run of the mill. Notice how well it's crafted, like a Lieder. The church is quiet, hushed in anticipation. As the preacher waits befoire starting the sermon, birds can be heard outside and the smell of new mown hay. Then suddenly the whole scenario changes. An old drunk comes in and suddenly that pastoral innoicence is shattered. The old man is evidence that Satan is real and operates in real life. Yow, what a song ! Worthy ofSchumann. Read more about the Louvins HERE

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