Monday, 28 June 2010

Gerald's Glyndebourne Don Giovanni

Great pic of Gerald Finley lazing in the sun at Glyndebourne. You can tell it's a recent shot, because the lawn is parched dry. Read the story HERE. Hope the gardens are OK! But seriously, one goes for the music, doesn't one? And it sounds like this one will be good. YES IT IS !!!!!! I went 7 July, review com ing up soon- watch this site ! LOVED it PLEASE SEE my FULL REVIEW HERE

This weather bodes well for Garsington, too, where I'll be Wednesday.

At Aldeburgh, there are more wildflowers than ever: eglantine, honeysuckle, poppies, daisies, cornflowers. Combination of late Spring and sudden midsummer heat has brought the full season together in one massive display. Go, even if the Festival is over, because it's wonderful. Birds, too, nature reserves all over and organic farming which doesn't wipe out habitats.

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