Thursday, 3 June 2010

The new Bachtrack

Bachtrack is an interactive site that lets you search for events in many different ways. I use it a lot to keep up with what's happening.  It's also expanding, with news, views and other features. See the link on right, or go HERE. It's a very useful site. It's just been redesigned. Read more :

"At Bachtrack, we've been following the video-on-demand world for a while
and we think the time's now right for classical music listeners and opera
fans to take a serious look at this technology, which lets you watch
fabulous concerts and opera in your home at a time that suits you. It's
essential to have the right equipment and set-up, but if you have, the
experience is remarkably close to being at a live event and is in some
ways even more intimate. The prices are reasonable - just a few dollars or
euros for a screening."

"We have started by partnering with the two organisations with the highest
quality and most substantial offerings: the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
and the Metropolitan Opera. There's a new "On-Demand" area of Bachtrack
in which visitors can use our first class search mechanism to find what music is available from these world famous performers and go straight to the right place on their sites to play it."

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La Bonne Vivante said...

Thanks for this! I am glad they're expanding. 'MORE OPERA!' I demand, pounding my fists on the table...