Thursday, 24 February 2011

Abbado Fidelio Lucerne Stemme Kaufmann

Now online !  Claudio Abbado conducts Beethoven Fidelio last year in Lucerne. Follow link HERE
Nina Stemme, Jonas Kaufmann, Peter Mattei, Falk Struckmann.....and of course THAT orchestra.  It IS being repeated after all, for 6 days. Listen !

Wonderful performance, clearly concerft not staging as the voices project the same way, no muffling from set and Orchestra gets its due place atb the back. Which is good, as Fidelio is as much an orchestral work than an opera. Despite the drama in the story, it's interesting hoiw Beethoven tells the story via orchestra and spoken word rather than through the singing. Superb declamation, too, showing how "musical" spoken word can be. Minus the spoken segments, Fidelio is not what Beethoven intended , even if it's more "operatic".

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