Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Joan Sutherland Memorial - Westminster Abbey

A Service of Thanksgiving for the life of Joan Sutherland was held today at Westminster Abbey. Thanksgiving, because she gave so much to opera. She may be gone, but she'll go on forever in recordings and memories. Absolutely fitting that she be honoured in Westminster Abbey where the great and the good of Empire have been commemorated.

I wish I could give a detailed description. Though I had an early invitation, (seat 129),  yesterday I started a demon of a sore throat and headache. Dame Joan would never miss me. But what an occasion it must have been. Dame Joan would have loved it! In her element! A lot of work goes into organizing events at Westminster Abbey because of the massive security, so much credit to all those involved.


steve said...

I was there (as a long-time fan) and it was certainly dignified but totally devoid of fun. Dame Joan had a huge sense of humour - and sense of the absurd - and would surely have liked a few jokes cracked and some personal reminiscences. John Tooley, in his address, gave us a dull run through of her many achievements - something anyone could read on the back of a record cover. Still, it was good to see the great and good of the music world paying their respects to the great Dame.

Doundou Tchil said...

Thank you so much Stevee! I can just picture Dame Joan watching bthe proceedings and letting out a glorious hoot of laughter ! Perhaps that is how we should remember her, joyous and sparkling !