Thursday, 2 June 2011

Garsington Opera starts today at Wormsley

A new era for Garsington Opera as it moves to its new home at Wormsley Park. Garsington Opera has been visionary from the start, and the tradition continues. Part of the buzz this year is the new pavilion. It was designed to solve problems. How to build a space that enhances performance even though it's open air. How to give patrons amenities of a very high standard in a temporary structure? This isn't Glastonbury, they don't do mud. Wrecks Louboutins.

Here is what I've written about the Garsington Opera pavilion, and here is what Jonathan Glancey's written. He's an architect, I'm a patron, we're both excited. Why is it that visual arts and architecture writing is usually so much better written than music? Tickets are still available for Rossini Il Turco in Italia and for the rarity, Vivaldi La verita in cimento. The popular Mozart Magic Flute always appeals, though from what I've heard thuis time not quite as much as usual. All the more reason to stick to the others !  I heard the last Vivaldi opera, L'Incoronazione di Dario at Garsington Opera  last year's delightful, vibrant Rossini Armida. Also a wonderful Britten Midsummers Nights Dream last year that's quite different from the one at ENO. Click on links. Lots more, not all on this site.  Here's a link to the Garsington Opera site.

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