Thursday, 9 June 2011

Major Broadcast of the Ring from Paris

Starting Thursday 9th June on BBC Radio 3 (1400 slot but available online 7 days) a complete Ring Cycle over the next month. It's from Paris National Opera, conductor Phillipe Jordan.  This should be interesting as Jordan (son of Armin] has a sharp, distinctive style. Of his Wagner I've only heard Tristan und Isolde from ages ago when he was still in Switzerland. Production awful, uneven singing but good orchestra.
Look up the BBC site for details of Das Rheingold. Falk Struckmann is Wotan, Kim Begley is Loge and Sophie Koch is Fricka, Pity it's not video as this Mime is Outrageous Wolfgang! 

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Mark Berry said...

I should certainly recommend listening, though it is a pity the interesting (so far) productions will not be seen too: on balance some of the most successful all-round performances I have seen since Haitink. 'Götterdämmerung' beckons for me at the Bastille in a week's time, at which point I shall have seen all four parts.