Friday, 22 June 2012

Jonas Kaufmann returns!

Jonas Kaufmann is back in action, starting recitals in July, which means he's OK for Salzburg. He says on his website : "It certainly has something to do with the hustle and bustle of the world we live in that many people nowadays find it alarming when a singer takes a somewhat longer break after an illness. In earlier operatic times forced breaks like these were nothing unusual. People simply took the time they needed for everything, and in particular to allow the healing process to run its full course. The infection I picked up  at the end of April was so tenacious that I simply needed this time get my health completely restored".

True. Singers today are trested like consumer commodities who must deliver standardized product 24/7 or get attacked by nit picking nasties. It's completely unfair to compare singers of the past with singers of the present. Once, singers travelled by boat or train and had long gaps to rest in. Planes and hotels don't make for healthy lifestyles. Nowadays singers are monitored on the internet and social media, every tiny wobble amplified  and repeated by people who probably don't know beans about the subject. It's an altogether more stressful world than even 20 years ago.

Furthermore, recording creates the expectation that everyone should sound exactly "right" - no allowance for individuality and variation. Besides a singer's voice is his or her own body. Anything that affects the body can affect singing. And as anyone who has not been 100% knows, problems can linger if you don't heal completely.

Kaufmann didn't cancel on whim - he's lost 3 to 4 months income, at least. He's being conscientous. If he came back too soon, he could damage his recovery. He's too good to risk that, and shouldn't be under pressure. Good wishes, JK!

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Unknown said...

What a wise comment, so different from nasty comments in German blogs! Thank you.