Tuesday 26 January 2010

Dr Caligari - full movie download

Full movie download here of Das Kabinett des Doktor Caligari, (The Cabinet of Dr Caligari), cult film from 1919. This version has sound and English subtitles, but you can always silence it. What did the cinema orchestras or pianists originally play ? The film reflects ideas in modern (90 years ago) painting and sculpture - odd angles and askew perspectives, "primitivism", the discovery of the subconscious. New ways of thinking about the world, no more surface literalism. Modern music (90 years after) reflects that sense of new possibilities. Those who'd shift back the clock in music might as well shift back the clock in painting, film, poetry, psychology, sculpture......

Please see the other Weimar movies on this site, many full download. Many big ones like Der blaue Engel, Nosferatu, Berlin Sinfonie eines Grosstadt, and many others Follow the links on the post below "Vienna to Weimar". Or key in on search or use label on right. Also this is the only site with Chinese movies of the same period which are in so many ways imbued with the same idealistic vision.

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