Saturday, 8 January 2011

Adriana Lecouvreur DVD

Francesco Cilea Adriana Lecouvreur on DVD at last! But the Torino (Turin) production from 2009. Read the review here in Opera Today.  "If you can't wait for a DVD of the Royal Opera House production". OTOH for many, there's enough in the opera to make any performance interesting. Several regular readers here loved the Holland Park production some years back, for example,  "John the Baptist to the ROH version". If the amazing MvVicar production gets filmed - they'd be crazy not to - it will be essential. The costs were so high, they'll need to make money from DVD. But thank goodness some houses still think in big, spectacular terms! If McVicar's Adriana Lecouvreur happens anywhere near you, whoever is singing, get there. Audio recordings too as well as this "stop gap" DVD.

Since I write a lot about opera, film and FILMED opera in particular please come back to this site later as I'm writing a biggish piece on the ENO Lucrezia Borgia which is being filmed in 3D. Hot on the heels of the ROH Carmen filmed in 3D last year and due for release in the US in March. Filming opera is a whole new dimension. It can completely change the experience of opera, so pay attention to filming. Don't assume filmed opera is the same as "real" opera whatever that might be. It's a whole new art form no-one's really thought about. Read my comments throughout this site and "How Film changes Opera" on Glyndebourne's Don Giovanni and the Mantua Rigoletto.

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