Saturday, 23 July 2011

Flashmob La Rondine OHP

THIS SHOULD GO VIRAL. Thanks to a friend this lovely clip on a normal day at Tesco. Clue, it's the 24/7 Tesco off the A4 near Holland Park. Hint. Then some guy in the line opens a bottle of wine and serenades the check out girl. Spot the other members of the cast among the crowd, who look amazed! This is exactly the sort of publicity opera needs. Opera needs "ordinary" people to enjoy without prejudice or prejudgement. The trouble with opera is that it carries connotations of class, status and social expectations. Snobbery poisons the fun. Opera Holland Park is fun, which is its unique selling point. I love the way this integrates "ordinary" people with the magic of opera. No-one is ever "ordinary" if they can enjoy something beautiful even on a trip to the shops. Way to go, OHP !

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cathytiger said...

So wonderful –

Please have a look at this flash mob from Copenhagen phil.