Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Rossini - William Tell full download !

"William Tell, William Tell, gone from the land he loved so well, William Tell, William Tell, William TELL ! of Switzerland"." The first opera chorus most people have sung, even if they think it's the Lone Ranger. Aged 2, I got bit by a dog, for climbing on its back and pulling up his collar, shouting "Hi ho Silver !" Can't blame the dog. The things one does for art.

There's a lot more to William Tell than the Overture. It's relatively obscure Rossini so many people won't know it in its entirety. So to help prepare for Saturday's BBC Proms performance at the Royal Albert Hall (Pappano, Acadermy of Santa Cecilia Rome )  here is a complete download with libretto, http://www.operatoday.com/content/2009/05/rossini_gugliel.php  (alternate libretto link HERE) Guglielmo Tell, Rossini, live broadcast January 1954, RAI Rome. Pappano's very enthusiastic - read his interview with Ivan Hewett HERE


Unknown said...

How do I download it? It says the thing isn't found on the server

Doundou Tchil said...

Hi Henry, clickm on the link in blue bold in this post. That leads younto the page in Opera Today. On far right, in small letters it says "streaming audio". click the words in reddish with an icon of a speaker. Good luck and have fun ! Let me know if any probs